This is an astonishing example of a type of Cambodian Prai Occultism practiced by Ajarn Krit Payak but is here through Ajarn Thai, one of Ajarn Krit's brothers in magic in that they both studied under the Prai Master, Ajarn Vieng. The thing about the Suai Wicha is that it relies on a ,ultitude of forms of potent prai, some of which are utterly crazy but then it depends on the ability of the maker to work with the ghost.

I get the feeling that this is like a Hoon Payon with extra blessings and is therefore like a land spirit with added ghosts. The system has many types of ghost and we need to understand what they are doing through interviews that will come soon. This one has been made using the finger bones and panneng of a Cambodian man called Gamsa who died at 27 through murder (so you can use his name to call him to help). The figure has then been created using the thread from the hands of a funeral and coloured cloth added to rememble the 'pacomah' cloths that are commonly used by workers in that region.

This Prai i Thong ghost helps bring money and protection, with particular help regarding the gambles that we take in life, which is often misrepresented to mean that you will win the lottery with this piece. I love this type of amulet as my first one was a Hoon payon and their protection from all negative influences really opened up my latent good fortune to give amazing results. You can feel safe with this piece as it has the power to deliver. I only have 2.

Measures 2.25" and comes with a dedicated kata and it loves offerings of beer and gigarettes. I would suggest that you light 16 incense to the land spirits to open the way and allow this to enter. This likes the usual prai foods but loves whiskey as a thank you offering along with the usual merit.

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The Prai i Thong Ghost Amulet by Ajarn Thai - raw Cambodian magic

  • This is an ancient spell for protection that creates a second body that gets attacked instead of the bearer. This body can also absorb negative astrological influences, which can give a huge boost to the good fortune of the person wearing it.