This is a lovely release from 6 years ago by the rather famous Luang Pu Inn who resides on the Cambodian border is dedicated to Mae Yua, and it is actually quite a famous release so I was surprised to find this in a friend's storeroom. It came brand new and in the original temple box which will be sent with the amulet.

This striking looking amulet is cast from a mix female bone powders, graveyard earths and fine herbal mixtures to show a 10 armed fearsome lady with her foot on a Palad Khik phallus. Yeah, it is a wonderful piece! It is designed to bring strong Saneah and power to any person wanting to attract men and have the help of the ghost inside to control them. Mae Yua is a Cambodian entity for strong Saneah and is rightly feared for her power.

The amulet is beautiful and the casting and painting on the front is excellent. It is similar to the rear, which has corners of Heart Yantra, 8 gems and an inset Phra Ngang to get the sex going. I love this and it is very affordable indeed.

It measures 2.75" and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

A lovely old amulet that has never been worn.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz, The Philippines and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($50)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else but do check if in doubt.

The Prai Mae Yua Amulet by Luang Phor In (2015) LAST ONE

  • Some prai is used for a specific purpose, to aid a certain form of magic that helps people through life, hopefully being beneficial to them along the way in return for merit.