Phra Ajarn O is one of the great makers of this generation and this beautiful amulet comes from 7 year old stock and is to Prai Phet, the name of this entity. The amulet itself is cast in a highly traditional way from bone powders (including some from a rich man) and graveyard earths to show a seated skeleton on the front that has then been picked out in gold, very much like a Khun Paen. The back is awesome, and has a central takrut to pull money, a piece of rolled corpse cloth with a spell on it, a name plate and one of Phra Ajarns very special prai See Pung's, of which he is a Master. This is a top, old fashioned prai amulet with clout and is of a kind that Phra Ajarn no longer makes.

Great for good fortune and contains two spirits, both of whom were wealthy men, and also good for work relationships.

Measures  2.3" and comes with Phra Ajarn's card and kata. A beautiful and potent talisman.

I have two and the first person chooses which one they want.

The Prai Phet Amulet by Phra Ajarn O from 7 years ago

  • A maker will often construct the body of a ghost within an amulet and give it a specific name, as is the case here, and when it is from an expert at this process the results can be magnificent.

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