The Prai Pleng Roop Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - his 2nd Dark Material - 3

The Prai Pleng Roop Amulet by Ajarn Apichai is the second in a series of work that utilises Dark Magic to combat the coming astrological effects on society as a whole.

This strange looking beast of an amulet has been made from all Athan materials, which include the soils and ashes from 7 graveyards, 108 types of Waan plants, Waan Saneah Jan, Oil from a Tiger, Nam Man Prai from a Nang Prai and Nam Man Luk Krok. The back contains the shroud from a male suicide by hanging, the hair from a female Phi Tai Hong and a Takrut for Maha Saneah.

The front piece is made of Lead, which holds a blessing incredibly well. It has the Yants for sacks of gold and sacks of silver as the eyes, the Yant Salika as the mouth  (which is perfectly apt as it is for enchanted speech) and the Yant Na Jang Ngang for the nose. There's also the Yant for the 4 elements and it was blessed for the prai to have a power within itself, which means it can give help to make wishes and bring anything to be true. This Prai can also adapt to change shape, be it a child, or an adult man or woman depending on the situation at hand, which is extremely unusual.

This amulet helps with protection and to bring good things to life while pushing away the bad. It protects from all dangers and also acts as a type of Hoon Payon in that it will take a hit if any is coming your way. Because of these actions it naturally brings luck and fortune and even Metta, all in a way similar to a top Kuman Thong from the days of old (but without the care that comes with a KMT). It also helps with love and Saneah like a great Nang Prai to create a highly unusual combination of effects.
I have never had an amulet like this and it will take a while for us to understand it fully.

A nice size at 2" and comes with a specific kata from Ajarn Apichai.

Top Prai Magic with a dark edge.
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The Prai Pleng Roop Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - his 2nd Dark Material

  • Ajarn Apichai is going to make a series of darker amulets to aid the way through the year ahead and this is the second of the series.