The Prai Taa Tip Amulet by Ajarn Apichai
This amulet is a type of Prai Krasip but the difference here is generally a Prai Krasip is used for warning and protection but the Prai Taa Tip is good for foresight, either as a vision or through feelings via the bearers’ instincts. It can foresee dangers that can then be avoided, help protect the owner from harm caused by a rival or enemy, bring Metta Mahaniyom and influence others to offer their support. It boosts the power of authority in the bearer to raise their status and it can also be used for wishing for Metta attributes. When someone looks into your eyes it will bring love and support but if you wish for the power of authority, when someone looks into your eyes it will be like the person looks into the eye of a Tiger.
This amulet is beautifully constructed as a Luk Om behind a simple acryllic false eye with a similar prai mix used with the Phor Hong Prai Krasip but this uses a different magic and blessing. This also has an aspect of Saneah and it has been superbly cased, which took a long time to get done and it is now one hell of an amulet. Another great piece of work from Ajarn Apichai, the most in-form Ajarn of the North.

I love the amulets that have foresight as it trains us to become sensitive to the whisperings and feelings we receive. This can change our lives for the better.

It measures 2.25" and comes with Ajarns card and kata.

A classic item from Ajarn.

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The Prai Taa Tip Amulet by Ajarn Apichai for foresight

  • There are many strange Wicha in the Thai system and this is a new one on me, but it is actually ancient magic to improve foresight using a similar Wicha to the Prai Krasip. It also carries extra magic to raise the status and bring Amnat through a knowledge that arises from experience.

    It is close to the Prai Krasip, the whispering ghost that connects with us to warn us of good things and bad things approaching. Both versions of this ghost are considered to be a very stable entities that establish a bond with the bearer and acts as a warning system for approaching luck, problems or danger. The other name these are known by is ‘The Whispering Ghost’ because of the way he works, the spirit whispers to you, not in the ear but in the mind.