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The Locket to Red Tara by Ajarn Apichai - to benefit life  - 9

Exploring the Wicha for the Indian Deities with Ajarn Apichai.

The rear of this remarkable locket has a mix of Athan materials that includes the soils from 7 temples, 7 graveyards, 7 rice fields, 7 markets, the 4 corners of the city of Chiang Mai, and the 4 directions. This was mixed with the herbal content of Wahn 108, Wahn Saneah Jan, the pollen from 108 types of magical plants, and a see pung Kai Daeng. Added to this was Lek Nam Phi ore, the water element, Phra Sivali powder, Chintamunee, crushed old Phuttakhun amulets, and the Pong’s Maharat and Ittijae, which were hand made by Ajarn Apichai. There is also Phi Lu powder, Yaa Suin Jor, blessed sompoi and then Prai Tai Hong remains, Prai Tai Tang Glom ashes, Prai Kuman, a see pung Prai Luk Krok, and  a see pung Suea Non Gin. This is the foundation to the magic contained within this beautiful piece.
This locket has been blessed to have the power of Kurugallaa along with an additional blessing to bring the power for what she is known for. She is the deity for knowledge and a blessing was given to improve the intuition of the bearer, their mind and spirit. Red tara is also a deity of love, and this amulet will aid the pursuit of it through the powers of various forms of Saneah, Metta, and sexual attraction to bring the support of those around you. It is also believed that this deity stands on Rahu, so belief in her will bring relief from the bad luck and bad fortune caused by him.

This amulet goes on the lower level of the deity altar that faces East, because the ghosts have been moved on and the energy of the Prai used to power the deity.

This is a rare form of magic from the collection of Ajarn Apichai. The locket screams quality. It carries a magic that is matched by the stone in the back, which is a cabochon of white sapphire bought from the Burmese border. A rare form of Ong Kru amulet to an Indian goddess - don't dawdle with this one.

This measures 2.75". It comes with Ajarns card and a dedicated kata.

Ground breaking magic from this great Thai magician.

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The Red Tara Locket by Ajarn Apichai - for intuition, love and attraction

  • In Thai she is known as Kuru Gallaa, and it is a rare form of Wicha that has both mental and magical effects. It is not only a wicha to bring attributes to the bearer, it aims to change the mind and the life of the bearer.

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