The Yaa Suwan Khan Chong by Ajarn Apichai
Khan Chong means ‘mirror’ and in the past they used polished metals as mirrors, which were believed to reflect away ill intent and all the bad things, the same as in Feng Shui where mirrors are place at inauspicious places. This is a Yaa made from an old Lanna magic book and the recipe is a secret so it cannot be explained like most amulets. It has a myriad of uses either as a powder or as an amulet but this one is a larger one that was made specifically as an amulet, the Yaa for cleansing baths was the experiment and it turned out very well.
The Yaa can used in a bath to help remove bad fortune to bring happiness, wealth and good fortune, and you only need very small amounts, as is always the case with a good Yaa. It is used for traveling, for avoiding all dangers, avoiding capture, evading the law and many other uses, so we will probably have that made again at some point.
This release is to be worn round the neck and it will protect you from all bad things that may come your way but with this the Yant faces your body. This means that the gold front acts as a kind of Feng Shui mirror to reflesct away problems and deifficulties. It can also be used to attract Metta and Good Fortune, in which case the Yant points away from the body and it turns your fate around to be beneficial.

Amulets such as this need pure offerings, enjoying green bananas, unopened coconuts, pineapple as a fruit, sweet smelling flowers, scents, and a jar of honey on the altar. Praising Burmese items has a simple beauty that astounds and this is one hell of a piece that is incredibly difficult to make. Originally, there were 9 pieces by 4 broke during the making and they have to be thrown away.

It is an exceptional piece of spiritual work that measures 1.9" and comes in a silver case with a dedicated kata.

An astonishing piece of work from Ajarn Apichai.

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The Remarkable Yaa Suwan Khan Chong by Ajarn Apichai in silver

  • Burmese magic and the way it is made has great mystery to it, which will be investigated over the coming years. The power they manage to instill into their herbal mixtures is legendary and of great demand.