A Ritual for Refuge and Protection at Wat Doi Kham on 18/12/2022

The idea for this cropped up in January when Ajarn Apichai was looking at the astrology in 2022, and looks like it will get rougher as we move towards 2023. Ajarn felt that there is still the need to offer this ritual to help everyone in an as affordable a way as possible to help protect the astrology of the people who follow this site and offer refuge through difficult times.

For each person taking part in this Ajarn Apichai will draw their astrological Takrut, for which he is famous and the outside lip of metal will carry their name so a photo can be sent by email to prove that it has been placed in a Buddha that will be kept at Wat Doi Kham. The Buddha will also be blessed by the Abbot of the temple and placed within its confines so all of us can praise it when visiting or put ourselves within it when needing refuge from the world around us. I have found this aspect particularly helpful since we placed a Buddha there in February that carries the Takruts for Ajarn and I, our close friends and family. It is easy to remove ourselves from what is going on around us if you spend a little time each day projecting ourselves in to this Buddha.

The Buddha holding the Takruts will be large (and was 30% more expensive) and therefore, there is room for a few hundred Takruts inside. Wat Doi Kham is famous for its huge seated Buddha, its Stupa that holds holy relics and a very special Buddha, which will be explained more over the coming months because this offer is open to everyone till November 1st, or there abouts. The spiritual energy of this Wat is breathtaking and it is one of the most popular temples in the region. We are very lucky to have this opportunity.

Part of the fee paid is for Ajarn Apichai for making the Takrut and a similar proportion is for Tamboon, so there will hopefully be a large offering of money both at Wat Doi Kham and to two other temples we are close to. Proof will be shown online of all Tamboon given and over the coming month more will be explained regarding this very special offer, because the effects of this ritual will last a lifetime. Considering that, this is the best thing for everyone because I know money is tight for many of us at this time.

So to be clear, nothing will be posted to you, the postage ($14) is the part of the fee that pays for the huge Buddha we will be using. A photo will be sent to you of your Takrut as will any other updates to this offer. On the payment page, please put your name, your date, place and time of birth and an email address if you do not use the Paypal address on the payment page.

The site automatically charges a 7% sales tax, which has been introduced by Paypal Thailand and the cost of postage, which is taken account of in the listed price.


The Ritual for Refuge and Protection by Ajarn Apichai - 18 December 2022