This is a rare amulet by LP Taab that was made 50 years ago from two Takrut that were written by him and he then added his legenedary green see pung to add good fortune and Metta to the amulet, which has been finely cased in silver. In most Thai magic the Salika Takrut comes in a pair, like the Salika birds themselves. These are the birds of love in Thailand and besides giving the bearer great Saneah, they also enchant his body and his speech, making it an ideal amulet to find a lover. This is a fantastic amulet tat I have had before and it never ceases to amaze me.

The Green See Pung of Luang Phor Taab is legendary and I get it whenever I see an affordable piece as it is akin to being from another planet. Luang Phor Taab only made this product towards the end of his long life, which was predominantly spent as a monk, and he took a decade to collect the items he wanted to make a see pung from and kept these items on his shrine to build their power through daily blessings. When he finally released it to the public, word of its efficiency in bringing good fortune spread like wildfire and in no time he has people travelling from Bangkok to get some from him, which was quite a feat around 50 years ago, especially to the wilds of NE Thailand.

The funny thing was that anyone who came to the temple wanting this product was kept waiting, sometimes for days as he would not just sell it to anyone. There are quite a few stories of Luang Phor refusing the requests of very important people unless they spent a few days in his temple, which sounds quite funny. The huge demand for this product was because of its ability to bring wealth, at which it is legendary.

The effect of the See Pung being present is incredible, giving any amulet he made 'an other world' feeling and in many ways it is as Thailand 50 years ago is a very different place to what it is now. He often also added a ball of this to the front of other amulets he made and the range of his works is quite large, but finding them is not easy.

A nice size in its silver case at 1.3" and I have managed to find his original kata.

A magical relic of a bygone age.

The Salika Takrut Amulet in silver by LP Taab with his Green See Pung LAST ONE

  • A Takrut is a piece of thin metal that holds a written spell and their power can be breathtaking when done by a top magician. It is also best if the Takrut holds stuff inside, like good prai or strong herbal materials. The simplest looking items can be life changing.

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