Kruba Nantiya was an associate of Kruba Wat Mai Hong from the same region and his photo is actually in the temple of Kruba Apiwat, who is the lineage descendent of Kruba Wat Mai Hong.

The See Pung Pha Yong Kham is a legendary item that was made famous by Kruba Mai Hong because of both its magical potency and the fact that it was a See Pung MADE by a Ghost. He and Kruba Nantiya came from the same Samnak and both were pupils of Kruba Kham, who taught both of these old Kruba to make this legendary substance. It was produced a long time ago in alms bowls and some periodically appears in old tins. This came from a  large tin and it has a different look to the Kruba WMH version, the gold pieces are bigger and it is brown. There is also a Yaa in the middle of it, which will go in one of the amulets that are produced.

The See Pung has been legendary since the time it was made, which encouraged people to make the difficult journey to Mae Hong Son just to get some to aid their life.

The method to make this involved making it in three different places.

1. It had to be first made under the gaze of the main Buddha in the temple.

2. The next process involved work at a busy three way junction and they had to continue making it here till someone came and asked what he was doing.

and 3. Kruba had find a dead pregnant lady who died with a boy inside her. He had to dress up the corpse and apply make up and find a good looking man not over the age of 20 to sit behind the body, using her hand to stir the see pung until thoroughly mixed. This has to be done until it felt like the deceased lady's body did it itself and started to raise the bowl closer to its mouth.

Can carry for wishes, which are either for money or love but only one wish is allowed and you have to choose when you receive this. Your life will never lack what you wish for (business luck or love) and it is best carried rather than applying to the body. I tried this one and it is too strong.

There is no kata for this piece, just hold it and think of the process of it being made to connect to the ghost and if your wish comes true, put a piece of gold leaf on the case as a thank you. She likes gold leaf, which I will send with the amulet, and the odd spray of perfume as well. You may have to try a few different perfumes before finding one she likes, and it is worth the effort. The ghost is gorgeous.

The amulet measures 1.35"  in its gold plated silver case. A small bag of gold leaf will be sent with each amulet and these come at a lower price than the more famous Kruba Wat Mai Hong Phayong Kham

Classic regional magic.

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The See Pung Phayong Kham by Kruba Nantiya - made by a ghost

  • A Talisman made by Prai - interview with Ajarn Ting

    Near Mae Hong Son, there was a monk called Kruba Mai Hong, and a lon time ago he made a very special See Pung using the body of a Phi Tai Tang Glom, a lady who died while pregnant. Kruba found a very good looking man, and got him to dig up the corpse. This man then sat behind the body and held its hands to mix a See Pung in a monks bowl, so while it does not contain Prai, it has a Prai spirit within it because the Phi Tai Tang Glom ghost effectively made it. The lady had to die while holding her first-born in her stomach and that firstborn had to be a son to fulfil the demands of this rare Wicha. Even though the See Pung only has Wahn and many herbs, the feeling is that the ghost is very present and she can be called upon at any time. A See Pung like this has never been made again as the process is both challenging and dangerous, and the ones here are from a disciple of the old monk, who died about 60 years ago.

    This See Pung cannot be used on anyone unless it is OK that he or she will spend their life together with the devotee. The person who has this amulet can only ask for either one of two wishes, and that is it, then the wish never changes. The wish can be either for good business or love, but Ajarn Ting does not recommend it for love as the bearer may get swamped (laughter). The See Pung from Kruba Mai Hong was made a long time ago and is a legendary substance. It is usually sold in a quantity that is like the head of a match, it is that strong, but here it has filled a small silver box. The ghost who made this See Pung may also come to the dreams of the bearer, but the relationship between the ghost and the substance is not the same as any usual Prai amulet. She likes to be fed regularly and an offering of fresh water every day. She also likes perfume and sometimes, when things go well, apply some gold leaf to the case.

    The See Pung is considered to be a Prai because it was made by Prai, even though there is no Prai in it. Ajarn also blessed this to include the name of the person who will keep this See Pung, to introduce that person to the Phi Tai Tang Glom ghost. (The Thai Occult Book p490)