The Phayaa Suea Locket by Kruba Tau
This enamel locket to Tiger magic is a stunner and is from one of the teachers of Ajarn Nan Ting, the highly revered Kruba Tau. The front of the enamel panel shows a surreal battle between a Tiger and a Lion in a red tinted mountainous land.
The back is stuffed with potent materials to power this piece. It consists of items pressed into a good spiritual mixture that include silver and tin Takrut, a bottle of Tiger hair and four pieces of what is known as Pek, which is a Lanna Leklai that is used for invincibility magic. The matrix all this is set into contains crushed stones from the caves where Tiger spirits dwell and potent herbs for authority and protection.

A good piece of Tiger magic is very useful for people wanting to raise their level in life, and particularly effective for the slightly downtrodden or people emerging from a bad period. Wearing a piece like this takes a little training till we realise that Tiger magic is not angry, it is forceful and full of a calm natural authority that cannot be moved by emotions. A Tiger never warns when it attacks and waits calmy until ready to strike.
Measures 2.4” and comes with a Kruba Tau's Tiger kata.

Tiger magic talismans this good are hard to find.

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The Stunning Phayaa Suea Amulet by Kruba Tau in silver

  • The depth of Tiger magic in the North of Thailand is unfathomable but all types bring a natural authority and a protection from harm. The area even has its own language for the Tiger and the understanding of this beast knows no bounds.