This is such a beautiful locket from Phra Ajarn O that was released in 2016, since which time he has placed himself at the forefront of Thai Magic around the world. His Wicha can be extremely unusual, as is the case here.

This locket has a simple but beautifully made image of a handsome Phra Phrom surrounded by fantastic fine Akhara and Yant Na. The quality of Phra Ajarns lockets are always breathtaking but it is the back that is fascinating. The rear holds small copper figures that show the 12 year animals from the Asian knowledge and expresses that the amulet has the power of every cycles and persists in its duties. The central amulet is a blue Angel of Burmese origin that along with the matrix brings Saneah, Good Fortune and an attempt to influence negative astrology to be better for the bearer. Phra Ajarn is renowned for his potent blessings that can bring a direction of his magic that can be a real surprise. A highly unusual piece from this Master Magician.

This will suit everyone in life. It will increase a charming aura and bring more people to you, who can then be enchanted for whatever purpose, these items smooth out the life and leave the direction needed to the bearer. It helps with good fortune, popularity and brings help with the future, attempting to adapt it to be more beneficial. It is rare to find amulets as beautiful as this with the beauty balanced by potency and effectiveness.

Measures 2.3” and comes with Phra Ajarns kata.

I love the work of Phra Ajarn O, which is often unaffordable except with the older pieces.

PLEASE COPY THE LISTING WHEN BUYING as it might be the last one.

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The Stunning Phra Phrom Locket by Phra Ajarn O in silver 2016

  • Saneah is one of the most popular forms of amulet (along with money) but the direction of the magic it brings varies between magicians, so go with the top guys. These are for charm, enchantment and opening the way in life as they work as well at work and socially as they do with the persuit of bedding someone gorgeous.