This is a rare item that has come from Ajarn Krit, who found this in his local graveyard. This is an amulet that consists of a highly supernatural plant root called Waan Jak Jan and it came from the grave of a Phi Tai Hong ghost. Many plants are used for their power in amulets and the ones used depend on the attributes an Ajarn is wanting in the talisman. If these plants are found (or specifically grown) in the graveyard they are more potent as they are being fed by the remains of ghosts.

Waan Jak Jan is used for great fortune and it was a nice surprise for Ajarn that the root faced West, the direction of death and this makes it stronger. To enchance its power further it has been placed in a Nam Man Prai from Mae Mali as well as other plants for saneah as we can always use more attraction. This is a large piece and I would suggest that it is a 'battery item' for the altar to bring good fortune to your home. It can be worn on the belt and I will include a belt loop but making a stand for it on your altar would be best and it enjoys offerings of beer and tea.

A rare amulet type that measures 4" and comes with a potent kata.

An exceptional item of potent occultism.

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The Supernatural Waan Jak Jan Amulet from a graveyard

  • This is an arbitary category that is used when the piece carries an unusual item that hase been cased because it is supernatural in nature. These can be of animal parts, plants or even stones depending on their source.