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This is the famous Takrut Gan Suam by Ajarn Apichai, which sold out a long time ago but he just make me 5 as a favour.

Takrut can be astonishingly strong and this is one such item. It can take some time to get used to this because it feels like it is working through the body, during which time it can make the wearer feel light headed or spacey. This is just a piece of rolled metal with a spell on it that came from an old Wicha book by Luang Pu Suk but it was incomplete, so Ajarn Apichai spent months working out how to make it work. He even tested whether it worked by breaking some of the precepts but for those he can not break, his Luksit tested those.

What also makes this exceptional is the source of the lead used in the Takrut because it came from old fishing weights. This is a metal that already holds the 4 elements because it comes from the earth, is made through fire, flies through the air and lands in water. Added to this it also helps provide food.

This Takrut has Yants drawn on both sides - the Yant Song Tripot and the Yant Gaa Sathorn. It prevents the loss of magic from any break of the rules that affect Sak Yant and amulets, such as walking under the clothes line, spitting in a toilet bowl, walking underneath a stilted house, eating any prohibited plants, eating at a funeral, eating left over or praised food. A modern problem comes from swimming in a pool or closed water as any ladies present may be on her period, heavily affecting Yant. Having a woman on top of the body or walking across the legs or back - and many other things. This Takrut also helps protect from curses and black magic, reflecting any bad things back to the person who sent it.

The Takrut has been rolled while in an oil for Gan Suam and some of that is held within it, which means that it can also be placed in water for an effective spiritual bath or even drunk to reset the magical attributes already within the body. Wearing it round the waist restores the power of any defiled Yants but it can also be put into a pocket or wrapped round the arm. An astonishing piece of magic.

The Takrut measures 3", is worn round the waist and comes with Ajarns card and kata.

The Takrut Gan Suam to restore the power of Sak Yant by Ajarn Apichai

  • There are Takrut in most amulets as they hold the written spell on a metal sheet but in some cases, all you need is the Takrut and they can be surprisingly strong.