This is one hell of a piece of work from Ajarn Tui that has now been stunningly cased and it is typical of his raw and potent talismans. The Yant Na at the front of the amulets is the Na Long Lai and it is simple Buddhist Yant Na to make people fall in love.

The back is awesome and the matrix is simply a mix of bone powder from a lady called Thidaa, who died in an accident and was cremated locally, hence some powders ended up with Ajarn. The Takruts at the back are a mix of various forms of Heart kata, for the elements, for the ghost to make it powerful and helpful and for the benefit of bringing the people closer to you. There's also the Heart kata to bring the ghost to life, the Heart kata 108 for all the benefits available in magic, kata to makes the gods smile and laugh to bring the benefits of great fortune along with others to add to and to direct the potency of this amulet. There's Takrut for ladies and for men and even the Heart kata for Phra Sivalee for great fortune.

This amulet is to make people love you, to bring great fortune, help with selling and business, and also gambling, which can either be actual gambles or the gambles we all take in life. This is a very special amulet that is of a complex construction to benefit life and comes in a stunning black case with a golden skull.

The amulet measures 2.25" and comes with a specific kata from Ajarn Tui. Fantastic work from Ajarn.

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The Takruts for Love and Life with Prai by Ajarn Tui - Saneah/Money/Enchantment

  • Amulets that help with attraction and fiinding love are common but what's less common is that they are potent. Where love and attraction is concerned, function should be more important than beauty, power more that cuteness and a simple amulet of strong prai, top Takrut and a potent Ajarn does the trick.