The Thai Occult book is the culmination of three years work and covers the Occult practices in Thailand, from amulets to rituals to blessings and the first work of its kind. What marks this system is its openness as anyone can begin a life of magic and train themselves using a good amulet. The Thai Occult book aims to help those interested in this deep and ancient art as a practitioner or to use the knowledge to refresh their own magical practices, all through interviews with the magicians themselves. It is this aspect that makes this work both unique and essential to anyone interested in Asian Animist and Buddhist magic.

552 pages

140,000 words

300+ photographs

Now, the pricing. This book is being sold at the original 69 Euros plus the 11 euros to send to me, which currently converts to $99. To send this book by FedEx to the US, UK or EUROPE is $85 (with packaging it weighs over 2kg) so I am selling the book for $135 and then you click the Courier option for the post ($50). The copies I have in Thailand were originally intended for visitors and residents but I have been asked many times if there is a way to post and yes, this is it. If you buy from a country where it costs more to send than the post listed, extra funds will be required please.

Thank you for all your interest in this original work.

The Thai Occult Book