The Thai Occult Book 2 - a new book by Jenx in The Thai Occult series.

The Thai Occult Book 2 looks at the variations in the magic of the regions of Thailand with magicians from different local cultures. It starts with a foreword from the incredible Ajarn Subin, looks at Central Thai magic with Ajarn Apichai, and Ajarn Suea performs the difficult task of an over view of Lanna magic, which was at the core of the 552 page Thai Occult book.

It was during the interview regarding Tai Yai magic with Kruba Apiwat that we realised that we needed to follow him for a couple of years to understand his incredibly complex work, hence, this book is a work in progress with periodic updates till complete. The magic of Kruba Apiwat is mind blowing in its complexity, and our brains were melting from our ears when translating his mercury Wicha and the method for collecting it from nature. This pdf is a now work in progress and once purchased, periodic updates will be sent for free until it is ready for publication. We are hoping to get close to completion within the next two years and a renowned company is in the wings wanted to publish the book.

Regarding other Wicha covered so far is the raw, dark nature of Cambodian Wicha and the Wicha of the Nora in South Thailand. Work on the magic of Khao Orr, Burmese Prai and the ancient knowledge around Ratchaburi will follow this year along with the Sak Yant of the Tai Yai.

The exciting stuff comes with the interviews regarding the use of mercury in talismans in Thailand and Burma and more of that will follow. The appraisal of Leklai has taken 3 years but the most rewarding aspect as a writer is the last chapter on correct practice, which aims to make entering the Thai Occult easy. Dive in to this book, it is going to be the best yet and currently at 258 pages.

Best Wishes,

Jenx xx

The Thai Occult Book 2 pdf