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This is a pdf of my second book in The Thai Occult series of works - The Thai Occult Sak Yant, which has now been rewritten, edited and expanded. It now includes more interviews on various aspects of the art of Sak Yant magical tattoos, including how they script the body, the old Lanna method of tattooing with 7 rods, head tattoos, graveyard tattoos and more. The compendium of Yants has also been fully updated and now contains photographs of Yants that have been collected by the Ajarns that helped compile this new work.

If you own the original book (which is now SOLD OUT), please send me a photo of you holding it and an email to send the pdf and it is free as I cannot charge you twice for the same title. It is worth the effort as I am now happy with this work.

The book runs to 334 pages long and is a pdf that works with all programs except for Google docs and you will be sent a link to download it on payment.

This site now charges a 7% Sales Tax in line with changes in Thai Paypal.

The Thai Occult Sak Yant Book pdf

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