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The Phra Pidtaa Pong Gaesaa Luang Phor Charuay by Ajarn Apichai
It is a traditional action for the disciple of a famous monk to make amulets using his hair, and we will also get this blessed by Luang Phor at his Wai Kru on March 21st. This is a remarkable amulet that I am delighted to present to you all, because this is the real deal. It even has a Hua Namo in the back.

The Hua Namo is by Luang Phor Khaai from 1962 (the b+w photo). It is made from maekasit, which is a legendary amalgam that includes mercury. It is one of the classic examples of Maekasit in the history of Thailand and I managed to get a small box of original ones for Ajarn Apichai to periodically use in his works. LP Khaai was a renowned magician in Nakhon Si Thammarat, where Hua Namo have been made for centuries, often being found in Chedi’s in that area. It is by itself a great Phuttakhun amulet for luck and fortune, Metta Mahaniyom, protection, and avoiding dangers, and Ajarn was delighted to use these.
The Phra Pidtaa itself has a Phuttakhun Muan Sahn from the writing of Yantra called Phra Jao 16 Phra Ong via Luang Phor and Ajarn Apichai. It also has Wahn 108 and Wahn Saneah Jan, and the hand made powders Pong Trinisinghae, Pong Maharat and Pong Ittijae. It also contains Leh Nam Phi, Yaa Chintamunee, Pong Rae Phra Sivalee, and the Gae Saa (hair) of Luang Phor that was collected by Ajarn as he shaved the hair of Luang Phor for Buddhist Lent, 2022.
This amulet is made with the hair of Ajarn Apichai’s Master, which symbolises the respect between them and invites the virtue and prestige of Luang Phor Charuay to come to this amulet. It brings a power akin to being blessed by Luang Phor himself to help with protection, and blessings for good luck. The amulet was also blessed through an old Wicha for the Phra Pidtaa to bring Saneah, charm, luck, fortune, abundance and success to life. It was also blessed with Luang Phor’s kata for universal protection through Kong Grapan invincibility.

This is an important amulet, of a potency that will come as a great surprise to all those lucky enough to get this piece. I love the square of robe from Luang Phor that Ajarn added because he thought it the best way to create a remarkable amulet.

Measures 1.95" in its fine gold plated silver case and comes with Ajarn's card and a specific kata.

Exceptional Magic.

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The Phra Pidtaa Pong Gaesaa Luang Phor Charuay by Ajarn Apichai

  • The relics from famous monks carry great power, especially where that monk produced Phra Thaat, and was a highly revered Arahant from the Forest tradition. With this containing the bone of Luang Pu Waen, the attribute of Metta is off the scale and the chance to get items such as this is rare. This amulet contains his ashes from his Royal Sponsored Funeral that was attended by King Rama 9.

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