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An Original Luk Om Tian Mat See by Luang Phor Timm from 1975

This is a very early edition for a a Luk Om Maha Saneah made with Pong Prai Kuman that had powerful magic of Saneah and Metta within it. Few of these were made because each edition made was just a small batch as it was reliant on the proportion of each ingredient. Inside it has a paper with a Pha Yant, the hair of LP Timm, Pong Prai and beeswax, which was then all rolled in candle wax. The candle used came from a candle that was passed through a long ceremony and has to be collected by a virgin who was born on a Saturday or a Tuesday.

Before the making of this Luk Om, Luang Pu asked his disciples to bring a virgin girl or woman and he explained the ritual to her before giving a sermon with the candle lit. The candle was on a white sheet in front of Luang Pu and the over night sermon lasted with the girl collected the wax by using her hand at the end. The lady had to have attention all the way through because the wax can only be collected during certain parts and then the wax was placed in a bowl of blessed water with a Yant on it. It was then blessed and left in the sun on two Saturdays and the third time would be on a monday and when it started to soften the candle was rolled into a thin sheet and Luang Pu scripted it before making smaller sheets. Those small sheets were used to put the ingredients within and roll them into balls.

It is a very rare thing because it is a very difficult process.

Sometimes, I buy something instantly, and this is such a piece. This is a very well known amulet from  1975 and most importantly it contains his hair because the body products of Arahants have great magical potency.

The legendary Luang Pu Timm is most famous for his Pong Prai Kuman because he followed the ancient way, a method that few knew or could use well. The story goes that a Luksit was instructed by Luang Pu to find the corpse of a lady who had died while pregnant on a Saturday and was then cremated on a Tuesday. Cremations then were raw and inefficient and his Luksit was told to remove the skull  of the fetus and not look back when taking it away. Luang Pu Timm chanted the kata from his Uncle’s Wicha for a week to prevent the spirit from departing, and his Luksit then pounded the skull into a fine powder. He became somewhat disturbed by sparks coming from the mortar during this task, which only abated after lighting incense and asking for forgiveness. Luang Pu took this powder and mixed it with sacred powders that included Itijae powder, Patamang powder, Jintamunee powder and Waan 108 plants before chanting over it for days on end. These powders are still used in magic today by both lay magicians and monks but the potency of the original products from Luang Pu Timm has few rivals.

This amulet is incredible and is a testament to Luang Phor Timm. It comes with the attributes for Metta and Saneah, which are the best attributes for a smooth and easy life. The offerings are just kata and water every day as well as merit when it helps your life. You can give red fanta or sweet drinks if you wish but its not necessary as the spirit was moved on to leave the supernatural power.

A nice size at 3cm and a classic item.

Top Prai Magic.
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An Original Luk Om Tian Mat See by Luang Phor Timm from 1975

  • The Pong Prai Kuman is a classic of Thai Occultism, and is famous for bringing great wealth and good fortune. It's not commonly known but they are also superb for Metta as everyone in their right mind is kind to children. This is a combination that may save your life.

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