The Yaa Ratana Sara by Kruba Apiwat - which is being offered uncased so it can be used in the Burmese way. To have it cased in silver I have to request an extra $50. Only 3 left.
This is one of the Yaa that comes from the knowledge of Kruba Wat Mai Hong and it is revered by the Tai Yai for many generations. Whoever owns this should place it on the altar and praise it and if you keep your precepts the angels will come to bless and protect you to bring all the good things in life. Whoever carries the Yaa will be loved and supported by the people around you, and by the spirits as well.
Carrying this amulet when traveling for business brings great fortune to your endeavors and ensure that you are loved by the people you meet.
Most of these are not cased for people who want to use this to grind it into water, which should then be sprinkled around the place of business to help with its success. For extreme sexual attraction grind a little of this Yaa in the light of the full moon and rub onto your navel. When going for meetings or places with a lot of people, grind the Yaa into alcohol and rub it all over the body to be loved by the crowd. If it is ground in the moonlight and mixed with ink for tattooing (this is normally just a spot or a single jab) it brings love, support and good fortune. If having legal problems, grind some into a bath to help you win the case and escape prosecution.
This description was translated from the book of Kruba Wat Mai Hong, one of the most famous magicians ever to reside in Thailand and was made by Kruba Apiwat, his lineage disciple 6 years ago.

Burmese magic such as this need pure offerings, enjoying green bananas, unopened coconuts, pineapple as a fruit, sweet smelling flowers, scents, and a jar of honey on the altar. Praising Burmese items has a simple beauty that astounds.

It is an exceptional piece of spiritual work that measures 1" uncased (1.5" cased in silver) and uses the Namo Dtassa chant.

Burmese Wicha is renowned for its potent herbal mixtures and the blessings the maker can give. This amulet is a testament to that statement.

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The Yaa Ratana Sara by Kruba Apiwat - last 3

  • Burmese magic and the way it is made has great mystery to it, which will be investigated over the coming years. The power they manage to instill into their herbal mixtures is legendary and of great demand.