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Wat Phrabat Huay Tom is the temple of Kruba Wong, one of the disciples of Kruba Sri Wicha and his body did not rot after death, so they placed him in a glass casket and he is now covered in gold leaf. His temple is astonishingly popular and it is the temple that produced these beads, which were all cut by hand froma  tamarind tree that died in the temple grounds.

As I bought a few, the monk serving me also added some special oil from a recipe by Kruba Wong to bring extra Metta for the bearer. These are the best Phrakham beads I can currently find from one of the most important temples in Northern Thailand. Worth the 5 hour drive to visit from Chiang Mai as it is an astonishing place.

Beautiful work and potent Phrakham beads that come with a piece of the robe of Kruba Wong.

Top Quality Phrakham Beads from Wat Prabat Huay Tom

  • These are the strings of 108 beads that are both worn and used to count kata by monks and devotees alike and they come in many forms. The best are from Makham wood (Tamarind Tree) or from a laquered herbal substance that surround a Takrut.