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Ancient Ritual for Spiritual and Physical Health by Ajarn Tui

This is an ancient ritual to help people who have an aching body, those trying to recover from illness, and illnesses of an unknown cause where there may be a ghost involved or spiritual defilement. In the latter case, it would often show as a person sleeping all day and then waking to eat at night, but it will combat any form of spiritual intrusion. It repels ghosts that may be affecting a person.

The Wicha for this comes from a time before doctors or any organised health system, and cannot replace the advice of qualified people. This can be seen as a helpful nudge for those struggling with their health or their spirit, and would be a nice gift as a gesture of support if they are having a difficult time. It is priced with this in mind.

To create the spell, Ajarn needs your name, birthday and also send a photo so he can find the person when doing the ritual. The ritual also calls on the 5 Buddhas to come and help that person and I would be interested to hear of any effects that can be perceived after the ritual.

As always, photos of each spell and of the ritual itself will be sent to each person taking part. Pay through this page and I will request the details needed by email to pass on to Ajarn for him to begin work.

Please also note that the site automatically charges postage as part of the price. A sales tax of 7% also now applies for all payments through Paypal Thailand.

Ancient Ritual for Spiritual and Physical Health by Ajarn Tui

  • There is a massive amount of candle magic in the Lanna system, which is respected throughout Thailand as being the most efficient. Ajarn Tui's abilities with candle magic is renowned and the potency of his work second to none.

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