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There's a lot of curses flying around at this time, which is often the case when things get rough in the world, be it through war or financial difficulties. Jealousy is also a major cause of a curse being cast so after having to do 3 rituals to remove curses in one day we though we should offer this service from Ajarn Tui. Ajarn is as excellent at this as he is at putting a curse on someone in the first place, he knows the Wicha inside and out.

The thing about Ajarn Tui's candle magic is that he does everything by hand, he writes the spells and makes the candles himself, too many Ajarns use an already printed spell. I photo is sent of the spell within and then of Ajarn burning the candle. Then I send sompoi for cleansing the body of the person and there is enough for 5 or 6 baths.

Ajarn picks an auspicious time to perform the ritual to sendthe magic on with his psyche and controlled kata. All we need is your photograph, full name and date of birth and photographs are provided after. Pay through the site and send the details we need via an email and I will pass it on to Ajarn to find out the day it will be done.

Please also note that the site automatically charges postage as part of the price. A sales tax of 7% also now applies for all payments through Paypal Thailand.

A Ritual to Remove Curses by Ajarn Tui

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