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An Astrological Reading by Ajarn Apichai

It has become necessary to offer these to the customers of this site, which has arisen purely by demand as a result of the turmoil the world is in. Thai astrology can also be used to help you enter the system - can use Prai amulets? What do you need to balance your elements? and what type of magic you need to balance your birth chart? He can actually advise about anything to do with magic except for Karma, and there are some questions that you have to answer yourself. Entering the system has never been as easy as this, which is covered in The Thai Occult 2 book, which is out soon!

Ajarn Apichai is brilliant at Astrology but please note that Thai astrology is not like Western Astrology. The Thais tend to focus on solving problems and timing events to ensure the best possible outcome. General readings are usually glib as the Ajarns can only react to your needs, so if you have no specific needs they are not sure what to tell you. The readings are direct and precise and advice can be offered to help with any long lasting astrological downturns, for instance, we just had a client who currently has Rahu making a mess of things so Ajarn suggested some things that would help until Rahu leaves and goes to bother someone else.

Ajarn Apichai only needs your full name, date of birth (in words please as some countries put the month first) and the time because the time difference may mean that you have the astrology for a different day here. Then we can go ahead and record the session, which is then translated, a process that can generally be done within a day of the order unless one of us is away. If it is an urgent matter, please check before ordering but the delays are usually no longer than a few days.

The site will charge postage for this item and this is part of the fee.

Any questions asked afterwardsmust be sent with the reading on the thread, because I do not keep them on file due too them having your birthday.

Thank you.

The site automatically charges a 7% sales tax, which has been introduced by Paypal Thailand and the cost of postage, which is part of the listed price. Apologies for this being a bit messy but it is the structure of the sales site.

Please be aware that Ajarn only says what he sees, some of which may not be what you want to hear. The Thais know how to view the magic within people and their personality through their astrology, which can be both incredibly helpful or disappointing. It is the truth of what Ajarn sees that will let you know how to proceed in life.

An Astrological Reading by Ajarn Apichai

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