Bespoke Candle Magic by Ajarn Tui

I adore the candle magic of the Lanna region as it is ancient, a part of the local culture and highly effective. In the past I have bought ready made candles, which are fine but then having had made specific candles by Ajarn Tui I have decided to add this service to what we do. There is a world of difference between a ready made candle and one that is hand made and uses your astrology to increase its effectiveness. Everything is done by hand with these, including the writing of the spell and its placement in the candle, which is all dictated by kata.

The range of the candles that can be made is vast and is generally only dictated by what you need. Candles can be made for illnesses that have no cause, canbdles to make the home happy, candles for uppity land spirits, candles for jobs, a rise in social status and then the usual candles for the attributes people most need but angled directly at You. Serm Duang to refresh the lines of fate,

Noon Duang to lift your good fortunes, Sadoh Koh to turn around a period of bad luck, Saneah to make people attracted to you, for good business and more, much more. Basically, if you have a problem, candle magic can fix it as there's thousands of type but if your problem is very usual, the price may be greater because of the work involved (but this is rare).

Candles are better if burned by you on the land you live on. Some of these burn too strong to be burned in the house so be careful and put on a metal tray either next to an open window, on a balcony or on the land your house sits on. Sit and relax and watch it burn making your request and allow it to take effect. Ajarn can burn these for you if it is too difficult for you or if the candle is huge (some are).

All we need is your photograph, full name and date of birth and then if burned by Ajarn photographs or small videos of the ritual can be provided after.

Pay through the site and send the details we need via an email and I will pass it on to Ajarn to find out the day it will be done.

Please also note that the site automatically charges postage so if Ajarn is burning it for you we can adjust part of the total price accordingly.

Bespoke Candle Magic by Ajarn Tui