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Bespoke Candle Magic by Ajarn Tui

I adore the candle magic of the Lanna region as it is ancient, a part of the local culture and highly effective. In the past I have bought ready made candles, which are OK but then having had made specific candles by Ajarn Tui I have decided to add this service to what we do. There is a world of difference between a ready made candle and one that is hand made that uses your astrology to increase its effectiveness. Everything is done by hand with these, including the writing of the spell,  its placement in the candle, and the rolling of the candle itself, all dictated by kata.

This is a very special candle that we have used to great effect. It is designed to calm the mind, and to clear the stress that may have accumulated so far this decade, because of the astrological turmoil. It is like having a new mind, is great to clear the way forward for the mind and it helps with Samathi. The current trials and tribulations has resulted in us offering this service.

This example is burned by Ajarn in the Samnak and he makes an offering at the same time to boost it's efficiency.

Please also note that the site automatically charges postage and this is part of the price. A sales tax of 7% also now applies for all payments through Paypal Thailand.

A Candle for the Mind by Ajarn Tui

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