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The Phaya Hanuman Locket by Ajarn Apichai - for Saturn and Total Protection

Continuing the series of lockets to the Indian Gods.

This is made from Athan materials, which includes the soils from 7 temples, the 4 corners of the city, and 7 graveyards, and ashes from 7 graveyards mixed in. It also has the ashes from 7 Tai Hong, 7 Prai that died on a Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday, powdered Tiger Fang from 3 different sources and ashes from the burning of Tiger skin from 5 sources.
The herbal element includes Wahn 108, and then the hand made powders are Pong Pattaman and Pong Trinisinghae. There is also powdered sompoi to keep the item spiritually clean, as well as Pong Lae Khiaw Hanuman, Leh Nam Phi,, and powdered Leklai. Ajarn has added Pong Gaa Sathorn as well to deflect any attacks on the amulet, and it has the Takruts Huajai Hanuman and Huajai Ittirit pressed into this mix.
In the legend, Hanuman is the son of Phra Phai, who is the god of wind. He was born on a Tuesday in the Year of the Tiger and received the blessing of Shiva to help the Avatar of Naraya (Vishnu). Hanuman is believed to be immortal, and even if he is killed, if the wind passes over his body he can come back to life again.
This locket was blessed through the book of Phaya Hanuman Pao Klung Lung Kaa, which came from the story when Hanuman snook into the land of the Demons to search for a lady that was captured by them. On finding her he promised to come back to save her and he went to burn the city of the demons. During this time he also saved the angels of the 7 stars, who had been captured by them to bring them the best astrology for the demons to bear an immortal son, but the Angel of Saturn did not follow the order, making the son mortal instead.
Once the angels were saved, the Angel of Saturn gave Hanuman the blessing to the effect that whatever the astrology he will never be harmed by the effect of Saturn. Those who praise  this Hanuman locket can also be protected from the effects of Saturn in this way.
This amulet is made to have the power of protection from bad fate and dangers, and it helps evade the effects of Saturn. It helps protect the bearer against bad people or anyone who wishes you harm. It brings success, support from friends, and voids the action of being taken advantage of. The locket has the Wind element within it to bring strength, good health, and this element also powers success and prestige

An astonishing construction and a Limited Edition.

Measures 2.75" and it comes with Ajarns card and a specific kata.

Highly accomplished magic.

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The Phaya Hanuman Locket by Ajarn Apichai - for Saturn and Total Protection

  • I adore Hanuman, especially in the Thai Ramakien, he is both wonderful and funny, but with magic he can be terrifyingly strong. There are very few good Hanuman amulets as they are generally just cast metal with a blessing, so this is something very special indeed.

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