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The special edition of this book pdf has a silver Takrut for Safe Travel by Ajarn Tui - see the deities section of the site.

Supernatural Thailand - a new book by Jenx in The Thai Occult series or work.
This personal work explores the spiritual locations in Thailand that are close to the heart of the author, the places he visits as a restorative, to immerse himself into the magic of this land. The book starts with the altar at home, the purity and supernature within, and then explores the possibilities of connecting with the supernatural away from the praise of the ghosts that devotees of The Thai Occult are close to. From connecting to the land to visiting the locations protected by powerful ghosts, from the ancient graveyard to the strongly haunted places. There are sections on shrines for good fortune, haunted trees and the wonders of Nakhon Pathom.
We return to the famous Ghost Shrines to encourage you to visit them, made all the easier because of Google Map references and encouraged by sumptuous photographs. There are the ancient places of power in the South, which includes famous shrines for Taa Phran. Caves come to the fore in this work and there are more that have been explored, including the ones at Khao Orr, one of the centres of South Thai magic. The Naga are rising too, with visits to their famous locations, some of which are extremely difficult to get to but it is the final chapters that are closest to the heart of the author as he looks at following a famous monk and the Kruba movement. A special feature here is a large section on Luang Phor Pina and a visit to the Golden Monks around Chiang Mai.
Finally, there is new work on Buddhist relics and locations where an experience can be had by sitting close to the remains of revered Arahants, all made easy as locations are given. The work has been done for you and help can be given if it is too difficult via my contact at This book aims to open Thailand and its special locations to those who need to go there to aid their spiritual quest. It is a book from the heart of the author and it was worth the difficulties of trying to complete tis work through a worldwide pandemic. After that, anything is easy.
More soon,
Supernatural Thailand
A 224 page pdf released by The Thai Occult Books with copyright reserved 30th May, 2022

The Contents

The Inner Shrine
The Home Altar
Praising The Land
A House Blessing
Spirit Houses
City Pillars
Graveyards in the South
A Lanna Graveyard
The Ashram of Ajarn Chuan
Ghost Buildings
The Ghosts of Khamchanot
Shrines for Good Fortune
The Shrines of Wat Phra Thaat Doi Kham

The Saksit Organisation of Thai Astrologers

The Wonders of Nakhon Pathom
Famous Ghost Shrines - Ai Khai
Mae Nak
Mae Niyom
Nong Ae
The Last Beheading

Ancient Places of Power - Taa Phran Phra Nang
Caves - Tham Muang On
Tham Tap Tao

Tham Chiang Dao
The Naga
The Naga of Khamchanot
The Naga Cave of Phu Langka
Wat Khao Orr
Nang Non
Luang Phor Pina
Luang Phor Tim
Luang Pu Man
The Kruba Movement - Kruba Sri Wichai

The Golden Monks

Kruba Wong
Kruba Khowpii
Kruba Duangdee
Phra Thaat
The Phra Thaat of Luang Ta Maha Bua

The Phra Thaat of Chiang Mai
The Phra Thaat of Bangkok
The Phra Thaat of Mae Hong Son

Lessons Learned
Hope You Enjoyed This Work xx

Supernatural Thailand Book pdf

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