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The Locket Norasingh Plaab Mahn by Ajarn Apichai - Limited Edition

Finding out about this Wicha came through a question about which amulet could protect us at all costs, in all scenarios.

This locket carries the image of Narasingha killing a demon named Hiranya Kashipu, who was a demon that received a blessing to give him great power of invincibility. He could withstand any harm from humans, animals, a deva or a god, day and night, on land and underwater, from weaponry and bare hands, indoors or outdoors. Hiranya then believed that he had the greatest power, and no one could compete with him. He held no fear of gods and because of that caused havoc throughout the three realms.
Indra asked Naraya (Vishnu) to become an avatar of himself, to become Narasingh, who was viewed as a human with a lion’s head. He then went to kill the demon at dusk, who he caught in his clawed hands and he flew the demon to be in between the worlds while he flooded the earth. He placed the demon in his lap and asked him whether he was on land or underwater? And the demon said neither, he was on his lap. Narasingh then asked if this was indoor or outside, and he answered neither as he was between. The demon was then asked if this was day time or night time, but it was neither as it was dusk, and he then finally asked the demon whether he was a human, a beast or a god. The demon said that he was none of them, and he was then asked if his claw was a hand or a weapon, and he said neither, it is a claw. The blessing bestowed on the demon was then undone, and Narasingh ripped him apart to bring peace back to the three realms.
The Muan Sahn in the locket contains the soil of 7 graveyards, 7 temples, Pong Prai from 7 graveyards, Pong Prai Tai Hong, Pong Prai that died on a Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday, and Panneng powders from an old collection. There is also the powder from burned Tiger skin, powdered Leklai, Pong Leh Lek Nam Phi, Pong sompoi, a Pong to undo curses, Pong Wahn 108, and hand made magical powders. The Takruts are the Phi Chai Songkram (War Magic) and the Heart kata of Ittirit.
The locket was blessed with a Wicha for the avatar of Naraya, and through an ancient war magic to bring power, respect, and prestige to the bearer. It brings victory over an enemy, the power over evil spirits, and any one who wishes to harm you will not be able to do so. It also helps with any period of bad luck, helps with illnesses, dangers, and harm to bring good health and serenity. The locket also brings the greatest Kong Grapan, the attribute of Maha Ut.

This amulet goes on the lower level of the deity altar that faces East, because the ghosts have been moved on and the energy of the Prai used to power the deity.

An astonishing construction and a Limited Edition in one remarkable talisman.

Measures 2.75" and it comes with Ajarns card and kata.

Highly accomplished magic.

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The Locket Norasingh Plaab Mahn by Ajarn Apichai

  • Norasingh is known as Narashima in India and is one of the most feared forms of justice that is brought by an invincible deity. This is a Thai Wicha and another surprise that was stored in the mind of Ajarn Apichai.

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