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The Phenomenal Boromakru Lersi Maharat by Ajarn Apichai - a special edition

This collection of potent supernatural materials contains the chalk from the writing of specific Yant on Ajarn’s blackboard. This process was for the Yant Maharat to produce Pong Maharat, an ingredient often listed as being part of an amulet that is not understood well. The powder comes from the production of magic itself, and the chalk was bound together using plants for Metta, otherwise Ajarn said that it’d be too crumbly. This is a lengthy process, which I witnessed for TTO3, and it was blessed according to the book of Pong Maharat Wicha by the legendary Luang Pu Suk.
This version of Pong Maharat has great power for Metta Mahaniyom, which is the best attribute for business and people will like and support you. It boosts luck and brings good fortune to the bearer, as well as a type of Saneah that brings love and support from both people and the angels. It also has an unusual protection power, which is an invisibility to avoid enemies, and from all dangers and harm. This is a version of Klaew Klaat that only comes from this product.

Because of the importance of this magic, a carnelian cabochon is pressed into the back and the metallic crumbs in the front are marcasite. Ajarn liked the idea to use this because the metal ore will hold the blessing well.

A mysterious magic that will serve you well.

A nice size at 2.3" and comes with Ajarn's card and a specific kata.

Superb ancient magic that can be used by all because it contains no Prai.

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The Phenomenal Lersi Maharat by Ajarn Apichai - a special edition

  • The Lersi are the deities and Master magicians of ancient times and they come in many forms to benefit life and to guide those on a path of magic.

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