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The Inn Khoo Rak Gan Jon Wan Tai Locket by Ajarn Apichai - for lovers
This is the Inn Khoo 'Love Together Till You Die' locket, and it is a remarkable construction.
The mix consists of soils from 7 temples, 7 graveyards, and the four corners of the city. There are also ashes from 7 graveyards, powdered Tai Hong bone, powdered Tai Tang Glom, 7 Prai Kuman, and an old collection of powdered Panneng. Added to this potent mix were various powders and herbs that include Yaa Chintamunee, Wahn Saneah Jan Hom, Wahn Gai Daeng, and Wahn Dok Thong. The handmade powders are Pong Maharat and Pong Ittijae, which was mixed with powdered Yaa Faet, an old see pung prai and see pung Gai Daeng.
Into this mix was pressed the Takrut Huajai Ying Chai, and the Takrut Huajai Tanglai. The locket was blessed with the Wicha Inn Khoo from the Lanna region to create an amulet that is great for Metta Mahaniyom and attraction to bring love and support from those around you and those of a higher authority. It helps boost your love life to bring contentment, and can also lessen any problems that come to your relationship from difficult astrology. This amulet is particularly good for people who have a problem with Venus in their birth chart, which affects their relationships and brings difficulties to their love life. The locket helps to find a lover for those who find it difficult to gain a meaningful relationship.
The amulet represents all forms of love, from any type of relationship or gender, and those who have problems finding or sustaining a relationship should sleep with this amulet under their pillow. It want to help old lovers to come back to you, put the amulet on top of their picture and place this under the pillow.
A remarkable addition to this piece is the old Mercury Palaut Inn Khoo in the back, which were collected over time. This brings the water element to support Venus and an excess of Saneah. The stone is a lab sapphire and the image itself is fantastic.

Measures 2.35" and comes with Ajarn Apichai's card and kata.

Magic for a satisfying life.

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The Prai Inn Khoo Rak Gan Jon Wan Tai Locket by Ajarn Apichai- for lovers

  • The knowledge carried by Ajarn Apichai makes him one of the great resources of magic in this region. His meticulous nature and his attitude towards the construction of magic is exactly why The Thai Occult 3 Book is solely about this fine magician.

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