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The Satuang Ritual by Ajarn Suea

I have raised the price by 20% to account for the current sale
This is a traditional, ancient Lanna ritual that is often performed when a person is having difficulties in life but was originally for those coming back from war to remove any lingering malicious spirits of the people he killed. Today we are fortunate to have fewer wars in this region and it is now performed primarily to improve the life of a person, to remove the obstacles that can attach to a person that obstructs good fortune, to bring success in business or to cast off negative spiritual attachments. These can occur not only in this life but run through the generations when a wronged spirit attaches itself either from a death, an abortion (which is actually quite common but the effect on life can be very negative) etc and this ritual helps them move on. There are 12 versions of this ritual and they use a variety of Satuang (the tray with offerings) depending on which version is being undertaken.

The Satuang ritual relies strongly on the calculation of the correct auspicious day through astrology and is not effective at any other time. People can either visit for this ritual if they arrange the correct time in advance and it is also done remotely but the subject of the ritual must sit quietly at the time prescribed and accept the ritual.

I have had a Satuang ritual, as have many other devotees of Thai Occultism and I can highly recommend them. Ajarn Suea is the only person who has the full Wicha for this ritual and is the best at it, which is wonderful because it is his role to help people and therefore he is strict with the rules pertaining to any process that ensures the best results.

All we need is your photograph, full name and date of birth and then photographs or small videos of the ritual can be provided after. It is important to be able to mentally accept this ritual and you will be given the time it will be undertaken in Thailand. All your details can be sent via the contact link on this website.

For Payment - Paypal payments now have a 7% sales tax due to changes in Paypal Thailand. The site also automatically charges for the standard trackable registered Post ($14), which is part of the price of the ritual.

The Satuang Ritual by Ajarn Suea - to clear attachments

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