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The Thai Occult 2 - Regions of Power - Asian Edition - Advance Order - Ready around the end of June


Thai Occult 2 takes the reader on a wild journey, exploring the amazing regional variations of Thai magic. What comes to light is not a dusty, monolithic tradition, but a fluid, adaptable system of spirit work that changes with the changing times. As with his other works, Jenx lets the Thai magicians tell their own stories in their own words, and what they reveal about the role of initiations, astrology, karma, corpses, and ghost-magic must be seen to be believed.The last sections of the book also gives a detailed guide on how Westerners can participate in this powerful occult system by caring for and communicating with the spirits contained in amulets created by Thai sorcerers. As if this weren’t enough, the book contains a first-ever description of the sacred properties of certain herbs, metals, and alloys – which includes the occult role of Mercury in magic and the mysterious Leklai.This book aids the discovery of a powerful living current of sorcery that reflects the beauty and endless variety of Thai culture!

The design of the cover will be added to this listing soon.A 6” x 9” hardcover that contains 310 pages is now available for advance purchase at $80 plus $55 for tracked post to anywhere in the world. The book is being printed and sent from Thailand, so it can be signed and numbered by the author, and blessed by Ajarn Apichai. If bought by those within Asia, a gift would be added to make up for the excess postage paid.

The first run of this Asian Edition of TO2 is for 150 books, and we should know before numbering and signing the first books. This is the first time TO1, TO2 and TO3 are all available in print and will be kept in print till all the books in the Thai Occult series are close to selling out.We expect these books to be ready around the end of June.On payment you will be told the number of your book, and please check your paypal details are correct.

ALL orders outside Thailand MUST USE THE COURIER OPTION of $55 for postage, but the book will be sent by registered mail. I can get a quote for EMS to countries with difficult post, such as Italy and Canada, and if needing to know the cost by FedEx, please ask.

We cannot send two books together due to weight limits for this service.ALL books have to be sent individually.

The Thai Occult 2 Book - Regions of Power - Asian Edition - Advance Order

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