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The Thai Occult 3 Book - Ajarn Apichai - Asian Edition - Advance Order - Ready around the end of June


The Thai Occult 1 book is the story of The Thai Occult practices, with a particular focus on the Lanna region. The Thai Occult 2 book provides a view of the regional variations, and The Thai Occult 3 looks at the Creation of Magic itself by focussing on the work of one Ajarn. We chose Ajarn Apichai for this task, because of the sheer quantity of Wicha he carries within him. This book looks at the effect an expanse of knowledge can have on a single magician, because of the combinations of magic he can draw upon depending on the task at hand. The world of magic that resides within Ajarn Apichai can be viewed as being as deep as the magic in the country itself. While this is the case with many Thai magicians, Ajarn was chosen because of the way he views Thai magic, and the way he uses the knowledge.When creating this book, the first task was to interview Ajarn Apichai about the creation of magic itself, and then how he uses the Supernatural Materials available to him. This book is not just a case of ‘the Thais use this’, it is an attempt to explain the sources of these materials, and the specific reasons for usage. Following that, we look at his function as an Ajarn and the Kruba Ajarns he studied under.

The difference between this book and the Tamboon Edition of 100 books to raise money for Temple Building is that it contains an extra 30 pages as we translated the kata book of Ajarn Apicjai’s current Master. Luang Phor Charuay holds the lineage knowledge of Luang Pu Suk, and this book introduces the first level of knowledge to any Thai person interested in studying with him. This extra work will be sent to the buyers of the Tamboon Edition as a gift when this is released.

The full design of the cover will be added soon.

This 6” x 9” hardcover that contains 284 pages is now available for advance purchase at $80 plus $55 for tracked post to anywhere in the world. The book is being printed and sent from Thailand, so it can be signed and numbered by the author, and blessed by Ajarn Apichai. If bought by those within Asia, a gift would be added to make up for the excess postage paid.

The first run of this Asian Edition of TO3 is for 200 books, and we should know if we need any more before numbering and signing the first books. This is the first time TO1, TO2 and TO3 are all available in print at the same time, and will be kept in print till all the books in the Thai Occult series are close to selling out.A book on a single magician has not been made for many years, which is a nod to an exceptionally talented young magician, Ajarn Apichai. We expect these books to be ready around the end of June.On payment you will be told the number of your book, and please check your paypal details are correct.

ALL orders outside Thailand MUST USE THE COURIER OPTION of $55 for postage, but the book will be sent by registered mail. I can get a quote for EMS to countries with difficult post, such as Italy and Canada, and if needing to know the cost by FedEx, please ask.

We cannot send two books together due to weight limits for this service.ALL books have to be sent individually.

The Thai Occult 3 Book - Ajarn Apichai - Asian Edition - Advance Order

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