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The Pong Kraduk Roop Muan of Kruba Sri Wichai - 2541

Thse astonishing amulet were made around 25 years ago in honour of Kruba Sri Wichai, the greatest Lanna monk who united all the forms of Buddhism in the region.

They were made around the year 2541 in support of a temple in Lamphun, and there were many different moulds, and many different mixes used. The amulets were made from a mix of the dried flowers that people brought to make tamboon at the temple, and powdered Bai Laan (old palm leaf manuscripts). They then added powders from his cremation, so this contains his bone, and you can tell due to the strength of these pieces.

It was made for people to carry when traveling because Kruba was famous for the attribute of avoiding danger, or it can also be put on the altar at home from praising, to remind them of Kruba Sri Wichai. This was made by the villagers close to the temple and they used Kruba’s cremation powders, flowers, pollen and the incense ashes from the Wat that carry the wishes of people.

With this containing the bone of THE Arahant monk of Northern Thailand, it is treated like a lower level Phra Thaat and goes on one level below the Buddha on the deity altar. It is difficult to quantify the importance of Kruba Sri Wichai, who was the charismatic monk who unified Buddhism in the North (previous to this there were many disparate cults). He also unified the magic, and undertook huge projects for the betterment of the people. He was a remarkable man and items such as this help people who have a problem with Jupiter.

This measures 2.3" and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

A stunning piece that contains the essence of the greatest Lanna monk.

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The Pong Kraduk Roop Muan of Kruba Sri Wichai

  • The relics from famous monks carry great power, especially where that monk produced Phra Thaat, and was a highly revered Arahant from the Forest tradition. With this containing the bone of Luang Pu Waen, the attribute of Metta is off the scale and the chance to get items such as this is rare. This amulet contains his ashes from his Royal Sponsored Funeral that was attended by King Rama 9.

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