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Entering The Thai Occult
It’s fine to dive in to the system and start buying amulets if you are drawn to  the Thai Occult, but there is a better way to prepare yourself.
You need to find out what magic you can have in your life. Can you use Prai? How do you balance your elements? And your birth chart?
Following this advice will make ‘the best you’, and it usually means getting no more than 3 amulets.
It is done through an astrology reading as the advice can save a fortune, and Ajarn Apichai is brilliant at this.
It is important to use this advice to balance your elements because the wrong element Leklai will either have no effect or be detrimental.
At this point, ask advice, receive recordings of the kata before an amulet arrives and take you
r time when entering the system.
Depending on what you want from this, you may not need anything else.

We are here to help - and there is now a free pdf on Entering the System - please email to request it.

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The Thai Occult Way

  • I work in the office 12 hours a day from 5am, Thai Time.

  • If I am away, please understand that communications may be slower. Writing responses on my computer brings better results than on my phone.

  • Please mention preferences for the style of chain/cord for an amulet, or even belt loops with an order, and I will do my best.

  • If you want an adjustable cord, please mention it. These are free, so if they don't fit, others can be sent in the following order.

  • If you have a mercury piece or a See Pung Phayong Kham, yes, you can request extra gold leaf with any further orders.

  • If needing Sompoi for spiritual baths, I can add to a box for free.

  • If arranging a visit to see the Ajarns, please be succinct and business-like, and please book their time as far in advance as possible.

  • Please understand that we do not arrange interviews with the Ajarns for other projects.

  • It is not my responsibility to advise on items bought from other sellers. If you want to know something, please either read my books or ask the seller.

  • Please remember that we can work everything out. I have been doing this a long time and attempt to offer the best service possible.

  • All orders get a tracking link, but yes, sometimes a box can be slow. If worried, please contact me.

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