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The Thai Occult 2 - Regions of Power - Less than 100 left!!!!

A book by Jenx via Miskatonic Books of the USA

Fully edited and professionally designed, this new work covers 352 pages in a 9" x 5" book.

A Ltd Edition Hardback book (500 copies) that is cloth bound and foil stamped with a Yant to Kali - the link is below.

The astonishing leather bound special edition (only 40 copies) is SOLD OUT!

Miskatonic Books have a superb reputation and do layaways with payment plans.

Grab these while you can!


THE THAI OCCULT 2 has interviews on the following subjects- A New View of Lanna Magic - Central Thai Astrology
Tai Yai Magic - Using Mercury in Magic - The Nora - Burmese Prai Magic - Raw Prai Occultism
A Modern Appraisal of Leklai - Advice on how to enter the system - and more groundbreaking work

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The Thai Occult Way

     With the coming of The Thai Occult 2 - Regions of Power, it is time to firm business practices for the best service possible:-

  • I will work in the office 12 hours a day from 5.30am, Thai Time.

  • If I am away, please understand that communications may be slower. Writing responses on my computer brings better results than on my phone.

  • Please mention preferences for the style of chain/cord for an amulet, or even belt loops with an order, and I will do my best.

  • If you have a mercury piece or a See Pung Phayong Kham, yes, you can request extra gold leaf with any further orders.

  • If needing Sompoi for spiritual baths, I can add to a box for free.

  • If arranging a visit to see the Ajarns, please be succinct and business-like. We can chat about things on the day - just tell me what you want so I can advise. I only charge $50 a day including transport as these visits are to support the Ajarns.

  • Please understand that we do not arrange interviews with the Ajarns for other projects, or make recommendations to them for other people.

  • It is not my responsibility to advise on items bought from other sellers. If you want to know something, please either read my books or ask the seller.

  • Please remember that we can work everything out. I have been doing this a long time and try to offer the best service possible.

  • All post is trackable, but yes, sometimes a box can be slow. It depends on customs, but if worried, please contact me.

  • Please keep an eye on your emails as there will be a weekly letter from us, along with free gifts to claim with orders and special offers.

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