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The latest book in the series on The Thai Occult is now available.

The Thai Occult Appendix is in a hardback A4 format, has 192 pages and there are 399 copies available. The book includes work on the land spirits, spirit houses, Karma, studying The Thai Occult, advice on practice and more.

The Appendix will never be available as a pdf, so get the book while you can please.

For visitors to Northern Thailand, I am also available to help people meet the Ajarns in the books for any work they would like, from Sak Yant to rituals, spiritual baths to the insertion of gold needles, horoscopes to simply hanging out. We have all missed our visitors but it looks possible again in 2021!

Here's to being with friends this coming year and forming a community of practitioners of Thai Occultism.

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