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Get an Astrology Reading

We recommend an astrology reading from Ajarn Apichai to get advice on how to balance the 4 elements in your birth chart, to know whether you can use Prai, and the best amulets to strengthen the natural magic within. A reading from Ajarn can help each person understand what magic you need first, what is best for your life, and what to avoid. This action makes entering the system easier than it has been at any time.


Plan for 2023
As we are getting a better picture of the year ahead, we are working to provide talismans that fulfil the following functions:-
Amulets that Help People Study Magic

Ajarn Apichai's work on this aspect is perfect for this.
Magic for Protection
The best maker for protection is Ajarn Tui
Metta Amulets - because Metta makes people cherish you
Both old and new amulets fulfil this role but the ones that contain relic bones from Kruba Ajarns are by far the best.
And towards the spring, Magic for Great Fortune to boost the change in Jupiter
The change in position of Jupiter in April is a lift for many bringing good fortune that lasts for a year.

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Advice for 2023

Get an astrology reading for the year ahead and for the timing of important events, such as with business, travel etc. It is also important to balance your birth chart, know whether you can use Prai and balance your elements within to strengthen your natural magic.
We have to grow into the future.


We recommend amulets for Protection in all its forms and for Metta in 2023, because being loved is the best protection of all.

Get ready for the rise in the astrology in April with amulets for Good Fortune.

Civil unrest is projected to rise in 2023.

Continue the process of getting rid of paper or imaginary assets and go tangible.

Limit watching the news to once a day and focus on a happy lifestyle.

Avoid toxic people as they are going to get worse.

Eat well, get fit and be in nature as often as possible.

Learn to watch the coming events as an impartial observer, do not engage emotionally or the next 5 years will drive you insane.
Kata, meditation and candle gazing are the recommended disciplines for this.
Be the person that people need in their lives.
Love to you all,

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