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The Thai Occult 2

A new book by Jenx is coming in 2023

Supernatural Thailand

A travel book by Jenx

This is a very personal book that was worked on throughout the pandemic whenever travel was allowed. It is a window into the places in Thailand that hold Supernatural significance, places to go to when needing to be within magic itself. This ranges from work that some of you may know on the land spirits, the ghost shrines, expanded work on the City Pillars, Caves, and Graveyards; places that I visit when needing a recharge. Following that, there is important work on the Naga, the Golden Monks from the Kruba movement, following an important monk to connect to their lineage and then in depth work on Buddhist relics. All with Google Map references.

This pdf being offered in two forms, either on its own at $10 or with a silver Takrut for protection while travelling by Ajarn Tui at the standard price for his work of this kind - $75, effectively making the pdf free. This book is for anyone interested in travel, the Thai Occult or the mysteries of this part of South East Asia and has been written with love to those who adore this region of the world as much as I.     Jenx xx

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