ALL CHANGE for 2022

Payments - Thai Paypal has changed its rules to bring in VAT for all sellers, which is being passed on to the customer as a 7% sales tax on top of Paypal's fees. I am reducing prices where I can but it is now best to send payments through WISE, which requires no sales tax and tiny fees for me. New buyers should perhaps try Paypal first and when convinced of my service, move to WISE and save money. The old customers can just go straight to WISE and save the 7% tax and Paypal fees by paying for the cost of the item plus post at - and please send as USD for me to receive as USD.

The publication of The Thai Occult Books is the reason that this site can be trusted and more in the series will follow in due time. When writing these books we were very careful to interview the top Ajarns with proven reputations and many followers. The interviews with them were translated with equal care and they represent the words and advice of some of the best magicians in Thailand.

Prai - It is now best to stop selling heavy Prai because many parcels are being checked. The Prai will now be hidden in the mix or otherwise unrecognisable, which is the best way going forward.

Bespoke Talismans - It has become important to change what we offer because of talismans online of suspicious origin. Much of it either has no ghost, a weak ghost but no blessing or is a poorly controlled item. Due to all this we are starting to have items made by a few of the top Ajarns so we can control all aspects of construction. If one has a good understanding of the system the right questions can reveal ways of magic within this system that few know about or understand. The process is currently slow but it will develop over 2022.


Postage - Postage has increased in line with fuel costs and general inflation. The standard rate of tracked registered Post is rising to $13 but the cost of the courier stays the same due to a discount because of the volume of boxes sent ($50).

Visitors - It would be wonderful to see some of you in 2022 to visit the Ajarns of Northern Thailand together.

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